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Today in New York

By February 28, 2015Uncategorized

I am a huge fan of British crime writer Mo Hayder. I buy her books in hard cover when they come out. I don’t get to read them right away, so I’m a little late in reading Gone. This one is a knock-out, the best crime novel I’ve read lately. And already sitting on top of the stack of books to read next, Poppet.

I am a sucker for American history (not shocking if anyone’s read the Maan Meyers’ novels). So when the History Channel did a three episode miniseries on the beginning of the Revolution, The Sons of Liberty, I recorded it, but it took this long, cold winter, when ghastly weather kept me locked in the apartment, for me to finally watch it. Yes, it’s a little corny, but I love our early history. It’s dismaying how little young people know about it. I’d like to see this miniseries played in every school.

The New York Times decided to update their Sunday Magazine to attract, I think, younger readers, who probably don’t buy and wouldn’t read it. I say this because I have the Times delivered every day and read it through, the paper version, not the online version. I am not a millennial. The much advertised first issue last Sunday was unreadable. I’m holding out hope for the second issue.

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  • Lisa Seidman says:

    I found the new NYT Sunday Magazine unreadable as well. Am I too old and set in my ways? The only article I read all the way through was Gary Shtenygart’s aricle on watching Russian TV. If they ever eliminated the puzzle I’d cancel my subscription.