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By August 17, 2015Uncategorized

It was so hot in my study a few weeks ago, when the temps stayed at 90ish, that I had to give in and buy an air conditioner.  My whole life has changed since Ruby.  She’ll be 5 months old next week, and is now 6 pounds and looks like a ragamuffin.  She’ll have her first grooming at the end of the month.

I didn’t like The Secret Place by Tana French, though I finished it.  It took me a long time because I kept putting it down.  The characters were not believable and the male detective never sounded like a man.  I am now half way through Elena Ferrante’s second book in her Naples series, The Story of a New Name.  I thought it was a trilogy but it appears a 4th will be published in September.  Her characters stay with you from the first, My Brilliant Friend.  I’m also reading Jo Nesbo’s Phantom.  He never fails.

I have just finished proof reading The Kingsbridge Plot, which was the 2nd in the Maan Meyers NY historical mysteries.  It will be an e-book very soon.

The NYTimes has lost its integrity.  A front page story a couple of weeks ago about Hillary full of misinformation and untruths by a journalist (?) called Michael Schmidt.  His work was defended by the Exec. Editor, stating that the reporter was fed this misinformation and wrote the article, which Exec. Editor approved.  Good grief!  Does no one at The Times remember Judith Miller?  And when the story was held up as false, The Times put that information on an inside page.

My political rant: AIPAC, the American-Israel lobbying group made up of very wealthy, mostly right wing Jews, is fighting fiercely against the Iran deal, taking out frightening ads full of inaccuracies, lobbying Jewish senators and representatives.  It’s vote with us or else.  Very ugly.  They got to Chuck Schumer.  Schumer says we should go back and negotiate a better deal.  Is he crazy?  He knows better.  This is the deal.  The UN has approved.  Europe will.  Sanctions will be lifted and we will be left holding on to our sanctions.  He’ll never get my vote again.  There’s a really serious, respected pro Israel group called J Street that approves the deal.

And while I’m on this rant, the Orthodox minister of religion in Israel says that Reform Jews are not Jewish.  Even if there should be peace between Israel and the Palestinians, there will never be peace in Israel.  The Orthodox now run the country and the radical ultra Orthodox see nothing wrong with assassinating anyone who disagrees with them.

I don’t know why I’m still a registered Republican.  The debate on Fox was embarrassing.  And not just Trump. The callow Marco Rubio judged the winner?  Carly Fiorina?  Really?  I hate to say I agree on anything with Trump, but she does give me a headache as soon as she starts speaking.  I am a feminist, but that doesn’t mean I support all women candidates.