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By September 28, 2015Uncategorized

Fallen leaves crackle underfoot in Central Park as Ruby chases scents. There’s a welcome chill in the air. Ruby is 9 pounds, 6 months old, baby teeth gone, still a chewing machine.

The other day a friend said she had to print a birthday note for her nephew because children can no longer read cursive. Is that not insane? Penmanship is no longer taught in school. Can we let this happen?

A few weeks ago the NYTimes had an article about Joan Weill (the financier Sandy Weill’s wife). She and Sandy have been donating large sums of money over the years to Paul Smth’s College in the Adirondacks in Paul Smiths, NY. She has now offered to give them 20 million if the college changes its name to Joan Weill-Paul Smith’s College. Wow. What arrogance. Donald Trump anybody? She has to add her name to the name of an existing college? Really? This would be like: Warren Buffet-Yale. I hope they are able to tell her she’s gone too far. They’ve already named the library for her.

I had to explain to a writer friend what “fan fiction” is. She was horrified. I agree with her, I find it horrifying. Someone can take your copyrighted characters and write stories and novels using them. I have heard some writers think it’s okay and can actually help sell books. I don’t think it’s okay. Ever. Ever. Ever.

I have read the first 3 of Elena Ferrante’s Naples series and bought the 4th and final novel, The Story of the Lost Child. The books and characters are totally absorbing, but I am giving myself a break before I read the last. Was looking through the stack for a thriller break. Picked up Charles McCarry’s latest, The Mulberry Bush. Haven’t read him before. Friend gave me the book. I’ve read about 75 pages, way more than I would ordinarily read. I put it in the give-away pile. Though the reviews have been great, it’s not for me. It’s flip with no depth or suspense. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a guy book. Just started Kent Haruf’s final novel, Our Souls at Night. This is a gem.

Carly Fiorina. Mary McCarthy once said of Lillian Hellman something like: “Everything she writes is a lie including and and the.” The same quote can be applied to what Carly Fiorina says, on any topic.