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It’s 1899, in New York City: A barrel organ grinder sings “La Donna e Mobile,” ragged urchins roam the crowded streets of lower Manhattan, and the nude body of a young woman is found in a refuse heap in a vacant lot. So begins the 7th in the Dutchman Historical Mysteries by Maan Meyers, husband and wife writers Martin and Annette Meyers. The search for the murdered woman’s missing locket sets off further gruesome deaths and embroils police detectives Dutch Tonneman and Bo Clancy, the madam Sophie Mandel, the tough minded female reporter Flora Cooper, photographers Oz Cook and Esther Breslau, and the denizens of the criminal underworld, the “black hand.”

“… plenty of rich period detail, from the founding of the Automobile Club of America to the building of the new subway system …”
—Publishers Weekly

“This is a grabber from the opening page.”
—Mystery Scene Magazine

“… bang up good historical …”
—Library Journal

“The truly wonderful thing about this book, like the others in the series, is that in addition to being flawlessly plotted it also does such a terrific job with the history it could be used as a text book, except, you know, it’s way too exciting.”
—Crime Scene Magazine

The Organ Grinder by Maan Meyers