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The year is 1864. On muddy battlefields as far north as Gettysburg young men are dying under Confederate and Union banners. And in the streets of New-York, teeming with immigrants, tycoons, and petty criminals, are eight men about to strike the South’s last, desperate blow against the North. Under the code name Lucifer, they have come to burn the City of New-York to the ground. But a young woman in love with an actor named Booth has caught glimpses of the conspirators, as have a flamboyant prostitute and a hard-drinking young newspaper man named Pete Tonneman. To stop the city from becoming an inferno, they must first find a killer who is driven by a savage cause of his own.

“… vibrantly alive depiction of 1864 New York …”
—Kirkus Reviews

“A wealth of surprising and entertaining historical tidbits are woven into the story, and the city comes alive in all its glorious, noisy mid-19th century diversity.”
—Publishers Weekly

“The Meyers construct a clever plot that blends spy-novel intrigue in a classic Victorian-style whodunit.”
—The Columbus Dispatch

“… a suspenseful combination of historical detail, romance, and mystery, with a dollop of tragedy.”
—Miami Herald

The Lucifer Contract by Maan Meyers