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Both Broadway and Wall Street snap to life in this sixth Smith and Wetzon mystery (after Murder: The Musical). Leslie Wetzon, a former dancer who is now partner of an executive headhunting firm with the elegant Xenia Smith, is drawn into a murder mystery that’s at least 15 years old when a skeleton with a bullet through its skull turns up in a Greenwich Village brownstone. At the same time, Wetzon and an old friend are collaborating on a two-day charity revival of an 18-year-old musical, for which they’re recruiting the original cast and crew. One cast member, dancer Terri Matthews, once a close friend of Wetzon’s, can’t be located. Is the skeleton what’s left of Terri?

“… a lively, gleefully bitchy whodunit.”
Publishers Weekly

“Broadway hasn’t been this much fun since George S. Kaufman left for Hollywood.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“This book would be a hot ticket if only for the insider’s take on show biz but added to a couple of curtain raising action scenes, a chorus line of suspects, and a fair play song and dance plot, you have a great night of mystery theater in your own armchair.”
—Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

These Bones Were Made for Dancin' by Annette Meyers