Leslie Wetzon, former dancer, presently the principled half of the headhunting firm of Smith and Wetzon, is sitting in on a rehearsal of the new musical her best friend Carlos is choreographing. The show is about to leave for its tryout in Boston. When the missing production stage manager, Dilla Crosby, is discovered blundgeoned to death in the mezzanine, the search is on for a murderer among them.

“Ms. Meyers, who once worked for director Harold Prince, provides plenty of dish to keep readers who are either in the know or out of the loop laughing up their sleeve. … the juiciest of her five witty mysteries featuring Leslie Wetzon, the ethical half of Smith & Wetzon, a Wall Street headhunting firm.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Don’t miss this one. It’s a show stopper.”

“Theatre Buffs will have fun trying to identify the real-life characters behind her fictional ones.”
—Publishers Weekly

“With a savvy, sassy style and an excellent ear for dialogue, Annette Meyers can boast of having one of the brightest, most entertaining series with her Smith and Wetzon mysteries… Meyers is among that handful of authors who have taken the mystery genre beyond its traditional boundaries. Murder: The Musical is her best to date.”
—Sun Sentinel

“Annette Meyers has created one of the most fascinating and entertaining series featuring a female amateur sleuth on bookstore shelves these days.”
—Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

“Annette Meyers spent a good many years on the road herself, assisting Broadway producer Hal Prince, and she uses much of that experience to heighten the veracity and excitement of this mystery.”
—Mostly Murder

Murder: The Musical by Annette Meyers