An executive jet belonging to major hedge fund manager Jason McLaughlin explodes on the runway of Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. There are bodies to be identified.

Soon after, a New York City hospital admits a new patient, singed, cut and bruised, suffering from hypothermia. She was found wandering in Central Park, her dress stained with blood. The blood is not hers. She remembers nothing before she woke in the hospital. She’s a Jane Doe, or as she calls herself, Temporary Jane (T.J.) — When her photo appears in the newspapers as Mary Lou Salinger, a possible survivor of the explosion, Xenia Smith recognizes her as Leslie Wetzon!

“… well-plotted… The odd couple pairing of the extravagant, exuberant Smith and the bold and hard-headed Wetzon still plays well. Smith and Wetzon remain a formidable team.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A compelling opening followed by a fast-paced thriller keeps readers enthralled …”

“Satisfying high anxiety.”
—Library Journal

“… a fast moving and chilling tale of layer upon layer of secrets exposed. This one kept my lights burning.”
—Mystery Lovers Bookshop News

Hedging by Annette Meyers