Former dancer Leslie Wetzon and her business partner Xenia Smith, Wall Street headhunters, attend the festive retirement dinner for Goldie Barnes, head of the respected financial firm Luwisher Brothers. But Goldie is not ready to retire. When he takes a sip of his bourbon and rises to make his farewell speech, he never gets to finish it. Is it a heart attack? Asthma? No, it’s murder. Xenia Smith, to Wetzon’s protests, accepts a commission from the acting CEO for Smith and Wetzon to find the murderer before the police do, which immediately puts them in danger. Wetzon’s live-in boyfriend, NYPD detective Silvestri is on the case. The NYPD wants her help as Wetzon knows all the suspects, but she is worried about professional ethics. As the bodies begin to pile up, and the endemic greed and scandals on Wall Street, and she and Smith seem at odds about everything from their men to their work, Wetzon has to wonder if she’s in the right profession.

“Ms. Meyers clearly knows whereof she rips to shreds. In between theatrically executed murders, she imparts solid inside information about the business of brokering, as well as acidic commentary on the personal ethics of all the players.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Ms. Meyers, a Wall Street insider, fills her books with irresistible details about life among the big-money movers and shakers. The Deadliest Option is the most suspenseful and engaging effort yet in this series.”
—The Baltimore Sun

“Wall Street headhunters and occasional sleuths Smith and Wetzon are back in this splendid, entertaining mystery.”
—Publishers Weekly

The Deadliest Option by Annette Meyers