When a ruthless stockbroker Leslie Wetzon has just placed at a new firm is found murdered in Central Park, Smith and Wetzon, successful Wall Street headhunters, become embroiled in a scam that includes money laundering, sleazy wheeler-dealers and a teenaged runaway. Leslie has to deal with a flood in her apartment, moving to Greenwich Village, and Xenia Smith’s chic ruthlessness. Add to this, Leslie’s boyfriend NYPD detective Silvestri is out of town on a project and she’s being pursued by an attractive older man, part of the power circles in the city. A second murder, more shocks, and slow business on Wall Street, keep Xenia and Leslie delving into dangerous territory.

“A romp… Smith & Wetzon are a formidable combination.”

“A perfect insider’s look at a world that can be both glamorous and literally cutthroat.”
—Orlando Sentinal

“Funny, realistic, catty, atmospheric and filled with all kinds of insider gossip.”
—The Atlanta Constitution

Annette Meyers’ fourth Smith and Wetzon mystery is stylish and suspenseful, the perfect escapist entertainment for these hard economic times.”
—The Baltimore Sun

“A classic whodunit.”
—Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Blood on the Street by Annette Meyers