Headhunters, Leslie Wetzon and Xenia Smith, go after the top guns in the financial world- Wall Street, where everyone is looking to make the big killing. A slick, successful stockbroker that Wetzon is interviewing. at the Four Seasons, leaves her to make an urgent phone call and doesn’t come back. When Wetzon goes to check on him, his dead body tumbles out of the phone booth.

“Ingratiating first novel featuring the soft-boiled amateur detecting team of Smith and Wetzon, who are actually high-powered Wall St. headhunters.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A novel of suspense on Wall Street. A supremely likeable whodunit.”
Publishers Weekly

“ … the characters are also sharp enough to make you want to dump your broker – quick.”
New York Times Book Review

“Meyer’s storytelling is wonderful…. she evokes the feel, smell, atmosphere of the city so well that I got homesick. Not only that but her portrayal of the life of a headhunter is masterful. Read the book, make up your own mind about it, but read it, please.”
Mystery Scene

Big Killing by Annette Meyers